About us

Our mission is to raise the creative and emotional quality of how people develop and manage their intimate relationships.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to bring premium quality, fun and a more emotional intelligent approach to the social messaging space. We do this by providing smart and intuitive technology which can bridge the ‘emotional intimacy gap’ that exists between greetings card which are neither convenient nor affordable; social media which is too public and noisy; and peer-to-peer messaging platforms, like SnapChat and WhatsApp, which do not offer stylish or creative enough expression.

A year is a long time in technology

In February 2018 1616 Media, released the first iteration of our new messaging and greeting app for the digital lifestyle market under the name Weavyworld; a mobile play aimed at disrupting the $30 billion global greetings card market. One year later, we re-launched v2 under the rebranding Be Momentful™ which offered us the opportunity to better represent the unique qualities of our offering. 

What makes us different

Be Momentful is a brand and technology that is deliberately engineered for emotion, providing users with a high impact and low-cost premium content platform within a simple and easy to use application. As a digital publishing platform dedicated to mobile distribution, it allows any smartphone user to send premium messages and greetings to anyone’s smartphone, anywhere in the world – whether they have the app or not. 

Users can search and browse curated content from hundreds of artists and designers and then favourite, personalise and send what’s called a ‘Moment’ – a unique, creative format that uses narrative to express what you really feel in the moment. It also provides artists, studios and right owners access to a unique publishing opportunity that's easy to join, global and focused on the 5 billion mobile device users worldwide.  

Our breakthrough technology is totally mobile-centric and solves the issue of uploading and downloading rich media to and from devices giving users a seamless experience in sending and receiving data on the move.

For more information and press enquiries, contact: press@1616.media

Be Momentful for Business

During 2019, we will be offering businesses, small and large, a direct-to-mobile marketing opportunity to enhance the quality and cut-through for both customer and employee audiences.

For more information on partnerships or how your company can apply Be Momentful as part of your commercial, engagement and retention strategies, contact: business@1616.media  or download our Business Prospectus pdf here

About 1616 Media

We are a dedicated team of mobile industry and media publishing experts with over a century of experience in building and launching worldwide mobile content and distribution platforms.  

We view ourselves as being the distant offspring of Shakespeare and that compels us to create the most expressive and way of emotionally connecting people through language and ideas.  We don’t harbour delusions about writing the next Taming of the Shrew, but we do believe that technology can play a better part than it currently does in helping people express what really matters to them.

Be Momentful is just the beginning of a journey that will lead us to innovate in the seam between artificial intelligence and human intelligence over the next decade.

To connect with the business owners and discuss our vision, please contact:  investors@1616.media