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Below you can find our FAQs, how to contact us, an easy way to give feedback and a contact form for investors and partners


Please browse the following FAQs which should in the majority of cases, provide the support you need to enjoy your Be Momentful experience 

Find & Send

Browse & write

  • Browse & write by tapping a circle to open it and scroll around

  • Tap on a Moment you like, and swipe to read through it. Touch the pencil icon to type your personal message in the blank pane, and select ‘done’

Send to a mobile number

  • Send to a mobile number and if you allow access to contacts you see your inner circle app users at the top of the list, and you don't have to type in their number

  • You can also ‘preview’ to see what you're sending. Use your Apple or Google accounts to pay safely and quickly

  • You can pay as you go, or subscribe for better value if you want to create moments more often

  • Whichever plan you choose, you can still do a one-off Group Send, reaching up to 12 individuals in one go

  • Click here for payment and terms


  • International send is included in the price

  • Please ensure you add the international prefix, this is required if you are sending to another country from your own mobile number prefix (eg sending from the USA +1 to Spain +33)

  • We only deliver to mobile numbers, so don't enter a landline number by mistake!

Delivery & Inbox


  • Delivery and confirmation is part of our great service
  • We notify the recipient on your behalf that they've got a Moment waiting
  • Recipients need a smartphone and internet connectivity
  • They can open your message without the app, although downloading is required to save and reply
  • You can see the traced delivery in your sent box
  • If an individual pay as you go Moment fails to be delivered, we'll retry, and credit you back on permanent failures such as invalid numbers
  • Sorry, we can't be held responsible if they don't read your message!


  • Folders are where you check your inbox and sent box
  • Your outbox should always be empty when you are connected to data
  • Tap the heart symbol to save a piece of content to faves, where you can find it again quickly. Tap the heart again to un-save
  • Delete Moments by swiping left on a moment in your inbox


  • Receipt is seamless, you'll get an in-app message notifying you that you have a Moment waiting, plus a red dot on your app icon
  • Open your inbox and see new messages at the top
  • Swipe or tap through to read it
  • To let the sender know you've received it, send them a nod by pressing one of the expressions at the end of a received moment

Features & content

Lots more features

  • Lots more features are found in settings, press the cog icon on the bottom bar of the homescreen
  • Your photo is set in your phone contacts - no-one sees this - and you can change the displayed user name that recipients see when you send them a Moment
  • For questions or (if you registered with an email address) to change your mobile number or merge accounts, contact our support team
  • In settings you can also; opt into subscription, turn sound and auto preview on or off, add security by pressing the padlock icon and manage groups
  • If you log out of the app or power off, you won't receive in-app notifications, but we will still notify you of incoming Moments by text

Finding creative content

  • Finding creative content is easy if you use the search functionality found at the top of the page
  • Find exactly what you want, or choose a blank card and add your unique message
  • Because Be Momentful is private and secure, only you and the recipient can open what you sent
  • Your terms include a consumer license to send, and some content has age suitability, which is why the app is age rated
  • Artists in our portfolio are directly rewarded for every send, so thanks for supporting them
  • Each piece of content has tags to search by, those in grey/green are related to the artist name, or title of artwork
  • To see more by an artist, tap the plus icon beside a name, or type into the search box
  • For great fun, look for ‘shuffle‘ to see a random set
  • Want some content we don't have? Tell us about it here

Security & problems


  • Security is important to us, and this app is designed to be private and secure
  • For more info on our privacy policy, cookie policy and terms of service click here
  • We recommend you keep your phone software updated, and always use a keypad lock in case your phone is lost or stolen
  • For additional security, your written note is encrypted over the air using https, and data is stored securely in distributed Amazon Web Services locations
  • In settings, you'll find our optional security keylock to protect against prying eyes
  • We authenticate your mobile number when you log in, and if you provide an email address during registration we can make advanced account changes for you

Problem solving

  • Problem solving makes your life easier, so we're here to help
  • If you have battery life, data coverage and current operating software on your phone, the next step is to close and re-open the Be Momentful app
  • If this doesn't solve your issue, restart your phone
  • The final step is to delete and reinstall the app - don't worry, all your data will be there if you log back in using the same phone and phone number. Google this for your handset, generally it's a long press on the home screen followed by tap on the X. Then visit your app store to get the current Be Momentful app, and log back in as before

Customer service

Still got questions or a problem? contact us here, we're happy to help

You can help us by taking a screenshot of the issue and attaching it to your contact ticket email